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Collect for Insurance Women
Written by:  Marie K. Franzen, Insurance Women of Milwaukee

Take us, O God, under Thy Divine protection. 

Make us to act as Thy messengers for peace and contentment, for harmony and understanding. 

Grant that we may see more clearly the point of view of other men and women in all lines of insurance. 

Realizing the highly competitive nature of our business, teach us to respect competition at all times. 

Keep us free from pettiness and unwise discrimination.  Let us do our work willingly, honestly and thoroughly, giving service graciously at all times. 

Teach us, O Lord, to know and to realize that by They grace we can live in perfect peace with one another.  

And grant that through this organization we may become closer in friendship and understanding. 

Photo by Kathy Curtis, CISR
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"Sometimes we forget that our insureds are not insurance experts and don't always understand our insurance jargon.

Not only do they not understand our language such as DI, PD, AGG., Occ., claims made, etc., but they do not understand their policies and what is and is not covered........."

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